Patient Stories

Patient Story: Johnnie

“I had three major surgeries between April 4 and July 15 in 2014, all performed by Dr. Lam. He put stents in both my legs and performed a blood clot bypass.

I live in the extreme southeastern part of Oklahoma, about 18 miles from the Texas line. I am retired and 86 years old. However, when I walk into Dr. Lam’s office, I am not treated like an old lady. I am treated with respect and dignity, as if I am no different than the young patients who must see him.”

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Patient Story: Elizabeth

“I came to Dr. Lam after a long, drawn-out process. In 2006 or 2007, I injured my leg. Although I currently live in Dallas, Texas, I am originally from Midland and had been a patient of a doctor there, but my leg was not healing.

In fact, I came to Dr. Lam with a hole in my leg where the injury was still not completely healed. Therefore, I came all the way from Midland to Dallas to finally get a doctor to heal my leg.”

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