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99 and Going Strong: Frank’s Story

When Frank, a retired newspaperman, had to start restricting his driving and was told he needed to stay off his beloved John Deere tractor, he knew it was time to do something about his PAD (peripheral artery disease). The condition made his legs feel heavy and caused him significant pain, especially at night.

Sure, he’ll be 100 years old in January, but that’s no reason to accept leg pain and stop mowing his own lawn (an acre)! Frank and his wife Jeanie went to see Dr. Russell Lam for help.

Dr. Lam scheduled an outpatient procedure to clean out the femoral artery below the knee and almost immediately, Frank felt relief.

“I stayed off of it for one day but the next day, I was up and walking. There was no pain and the heaviness had receded. It’s so much better! I can do anything I could do before and I am very happy with it.” – Frank

Today, Frank is getting out and working in his yard again. He and Jeanie enjoy spending time with their 15 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and the newest family member, a great-great-grandchild.

“I would recommend Dr. Lam to anyone and everyone. His skill is impressive, and he really cares about you as a patient. He checked on me every day after my surgery. His entire staff is just wonderful!”


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