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Dr. Lam Saves Legs and Lives

Jan Happy that Dr. Lam Saved Her LegsPeripheral artery disease (PAD) does not have to ruin your life. Just ask Jan, who came dangerously close to having at least one and possibly both of her legs amputated in late 2017. Three different doctors told her the same story: There was nothing they could do to help Jan with her severe leg pain, other than amputation! “I just felt that if they cut off my legs, I would die,” said Jan. She finally met Dr. Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Lam diagnosed and treated Jan’s peripheral artery disease, placing stents first in the right leg, and soon after, the left, in order to open up the arteries and restore blood flow.

Within a week of each procedure, Jan’s legs were much improved, the severe pain having subsided. She was able to return to regular activities such as shopping with friends and walking their new beautiful property with her husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “Dr. Lam and his staff are so great and lovely,” said Jan. “They took such good care of me.”

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Suffering No More

A Second Opinion from Dr. Lam Gave Jan More Than Hope; It Gave Her a New Lease on Life

Jan still gets emotional when she thinks of how truly close she came to having at least one and possibly both of her legs amputated in late 2017. The Denison, Texas resident had exhausted herself trying to find a doctor who could help her with her significant leg pain.

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Back in Her Beautiful Shoes

Sandra was in Nice, France, gazing and walking around the historic architecture, she started experiencing horrible cramping in her left leg. Cramping so painful she had to sit down often and no longer felt comfortable exploring the city alone.

When she returned home, she immediately made an appointment with her family doctor. At the time, she was living in Alabama, so her doctor recommended a vascular surgeon in her town.

Her local vascular doctor diagnosed her with Peripheral Artery Disease, but did not provide any treatment.

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99 and Going Strong: Frank’s Story

When Frank, a retired newspaperman, had to start restricting his driving and was told he needed to stay off his beloved John Deere tractor, he knew it was time to do something about his PAD (peripheral artery disease). The condition made his legs feel heavy and caused him significant pain, especially at night.

Sure, he’ll be 100 years old in January, but that’s no reason to accept leg pain and stop mowing his own lawn (an acre)! Frank and his wife Jeanie went to see Dr. Russell Lam for help.

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Mack’s Angels

Mack, a resident of Sulphur Springs, was working as an automotive technician and as an assistant minister when he had to undergo quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2010.

After his surgery, Mack started experiencing significant pain in his legs. Every time he worked out or climbed the stairs, he felt a jabbing sensation shoot through his legs.

During a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist, he noticed significant blockage in both legs. Mack’s cardiologist attempted three times to remove the plaque but was unsuccessful.

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Trading the Cane in for a Fishing Pole

Reginald Davis of Texarkana, Arkansas described what walking used to feel like to him; “It was like dragging cement,” he said. Laboriously slow and difficult work.

But today, his cane has been traded in for his fishing pole. He is able to comfortably walk the trails with his grandchildren, seeking out the perfect fishing spot.

Why the dramatic turnaround? A fortuitous encounter with Dr. Russell Lam of Lam Vascular and Associates.

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Finding the Will to Live Again: Terry’s Vascular Surgery Story

Terry of Garland admits he lived a little hard when he was younger. “I’m just happy I lived this long,” said Terry, age 70, with a little chuckle.

A Type 2 diabetic, he was dealing with significant leg pain and cramping. It was beginning to affect his life negatively but all his doctors were unable to determine the source. “It got to where I couldn’t even walk around the grocery store with my wife anymore,” he said. “I just had to sit in the car.”

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Vascular Surgery

Keeping up with the Grandkids: Cliff’s Vascular Surgery Story

Forney native, Cliff had a hard time “living.” As a fire inspector for the last 45 years, it was difficult for Cliff to climb stairs or walk for long periods of time.

After suffering for years, Cliff finally gave in and went to his local family doctor to have his left foot checked out. His doctor confirmed that he barely had any blood flow and recommended that he see Dr. Cassidy Duran of Lam Vascular and Associates.

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Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat: Howard’s Story

What does it mean to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Assuming we’re not talking about actual magic. MacMillan Dictionary describes it this way; “to do something unexpected but ingeniously effective in response to a problem”.

Yep. That’s what he did.

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