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Meet Dr. Gafford

Dr. Duran Dallas Vascular Surgeon

Cassidy Gafford, MD

Dr. Gafford (formerly Dr. Duran), sees patients in Greenville, Kaufman, and The Limb Salvage Center in Dallas

Cassidy Gafford, MD, a board-certified vascular surgeon, joined Dr. Russell Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, a leading practice specializing in vascular and endovascular procedures as well as limb salvage (amputation prevention) and vascular surgery to treat:

Dr. Gafford has the distinction of being the first graduate of the integrated vascular program at Houston Methodist Hospital, seven years of intense training focused exclusively on clinical training and research in vascular surgery.

“I love the field of vascular surgery for many reasons,” said Dr. Gafford. “I have an intense interest in limb salvage. I love that vascular surgery has so many variables, that there are different ways to approach any given case. I like having the freedom to consider each patient individually and determine the best course of treatment for them.”

“I grew up on a farm out in west Texas. I was raised with values of honesty, integrity and diligence. My patients tell me that they appreciate that I am real with them and that they know I work hard for them. I am often the first face my patients see early in the morning and the last visitor of the day. People really appreciate that kind of dedication.”

Dr. Gafford is thrilled to join Dr. Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates. “He has a vision about patient care that I very much agree with,” said Dr. Duran. “We see very much eye to eye. You have to be great at what you do and smart about how you do it.”

Dr. Gafford is heavily published in the field of vascular surgery. She is excited about new innovations and the future of her specialty. “Advances in technology and imaging have come together allowing us to do this whole world of things we never could have done before. It is an honor to be a part of this dynamic and exciting field.”


Watch the Video Below to Learn More About Dr. Gafford, Dallas Vascular Surgeon


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