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Meet Dr. Ceazon Edwards

Ceazon Edwards, MD

Ceazon Edwards, MD sees patients at The Limb Salvage Center in Dallas as well as Kaufman and Greenville offices.

Ceazon Edwards, MD, joined Dr. Russell Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, a leading practice specializing in vascular and endovascular procedures as well as limb salvage (amputation prevention) and vascular surgery to treat:

Ceazon Edwards, MD, a board-certified surgeon and fellowship-trained vascular and endovascular surgeon, joined Dr. Russell Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates in 2023. Prior to starting her new practice in Dallas, Dr. Edwards completed a highly regarded fellowship in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the University of California San Francisco in 2021.

Dr. Edwards then practiced in Southern California for nearly two years providing care as one of two vascular trauma surgeons at one of the busiest trauma hospitals in Los Angeles and launched a robust TCAR (Transcarotid Artery Revascularization) program in Apple Valley, California. 

“My passion for vascular surgery stems from my love of complex problem solving. My patients are my priority and being able to align their goals with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan is a transformative experience. Being a dedicated vascular surgeon allows me to make decisions which help improve patient quality of life; doing so helps facilitate a long-term doctor-patient relationship which is a tremendous gift.” -Dr. Edwards

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