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Dr. Lam Saved My Foot: One Caregiver’s Story

David E. isn’t looking for any credit or praise, although he certainly deserves some. But we’ll get to that. Instead, David gives abundant praise and credit to Dr. Lam and his team of vascular experts at Lam Vascular & Associates for saving his toe and his foot from amputation.

See, David is a full-time caregiver to his beloved sister Bernice, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early 2020. The two, both in their 70s, live together in North Dallas. David is an awarded sales manager in the precious jewels department at Neiman Marcus, and Bernice is retired from a highly successful career as a realtor with Ebby Halliday.

“My sister is a wonderful human being and has looked after me all my life, so it is my great honor to be able to care for her in this season,” said David, who is furloughed from his employer at this time so he can focus on the care of his sister. “I’m very blessed that my company is so supportive and understanding of my situation.”

A Stubbed Toe Revealed a Dangerous Health Condition

David has been in good health all his life, so it came as a surprise when a simple stubbed toe just wouldn’t heal properly. David saw a podiatrist about it, who quickly discovered virtually no blood flow going into David’s lower leg. He referred David to Dr. Lam.

“You know, all my years of living, I have always been led in the right direction,” said David. “And I cannot even express how grateful I am for being led to Dr. Lam.” After diagnostic testing, Dr. Lam surmised that David had 100% blockage to his lower leg and recommended angioplasty and stenting to restore blood flow so that his wound could heal.

The Right Doctor at the Right Time

Dr. Lam took care of David’s vascular issue, of course. But even more notable to David were the incredible care and compassion shown to him and to his sister.

See, David had explained to Dr. Lam at his first appointment that, as his sister’s sole caregiver, he needed to be healthy and strong in order to continue caring for her. “He told me not to worry, that he would make sure I was able to take care of my sister,” David said. “He always asked about her and showed the same level of compassion and caring to my sister as he did to me.”

On surgery day, Dr. Lam remembered that David would be on his own since Bernice wasn’t well enough to accompany him or help with his post-op care. “He arranged rides to and from the hospital for me, got me out of there in time to be home before my sister’s home health assistant left and even asked me what kind of food I would like.”

That David’s health condition presented itself during COVID was something he may have had some concern about initially. “But knowing I would be right in Dr. Lam’s own private clinic from start to finish and observing all the safety protocols they have in place took any anxiety I felt completely away,” said David. “In this day and age, when seniors can sometimes get backburner treatment, I was truly amazed at the level of care I received at Lam Vascular & Associates. I know Dr. Lam has hundreds of patients, but I sincerely felt like I was the only one. If you choose Dr. Lam, he is the right doctor.”

Your Next Step Matters

We love David’s story for so many reasons! As a patient, David was a delight, and we feel honored we were able to play a small part in his story. But another reason we love David’s story is that it illustrates not only the importance of vascular health but how vascular issues like Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can be hidden and symptoms unnoticed until the condition is serious and potentially limb-threatening.

When you choose Lam Vascular & Associates, you can know with confidence you’re in good hands. The expertise and experience of our team of vascular specialists have led us to be highly regarded and awarded on the local, state and even national level.

From spider and varicose veins to the most complex cases of peripheral artery disease (PAD), Dr. Russell Lam and his team of highly skilled surgeons, nurses and vascular specialists have you covered in Dallas, Rockwall, Arlington and Sunnyvale. Your next step matters! We look forward to serving you. Schedule an appointment today.

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