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How to Stay ‘Champion’ Strong: An Update on Lillian

Lillian Champion has been a patient of Dr. Lam for a few years now. You may remember her story from 2015. Haven’t read it yet? Click here.

Well, she recently turned 105. That’s right – 105! – and still living up to her name. Here’s an update to her story.

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When Lillian began to experience pain again around the Thanksgiving holiday in 2016, Melody and the rest of the family was concerned. “She couldn’t walk at all and was in a great deal of pain,” said Melody. “It was really taking a toll on her and I was concerned it might be our last holiday season with her.”

But this time, Miss Lillian confidently took control of the situation and insisted on being taken to see Dr. Lam again. Circulation was so poor her feet were black and blue. Most patients whose legs are in such poor condition, especially at her age, would undergo an amputation and be sent to a nursing home.

But Lillian wasn’t having it. In spite of her age and accompanying risk factors, she and Dr. Lam agreed on a treatment plan that included clearing out the veins and stent placement. “Within hours, her black and blue feet were pinking back up perfectly,” said Melody.

Lillian still loves to dine out with family and enjoy a slice of her favorite dessert, lemon cake. “People instinctively always want to help her on stairs or whatever when they see her but I’m here to tell you, she doesn’t need or want any help!” said Melody with a chuckle. “She is doing so great! Not only is she walking again, she is nearly running! I have to tell her ‘granny, slow down a little bit’”.

Worried your (or a loved one’s) leg pain isn’t treatable? Has a doctor told you or a loved one that amputation is the only answer? Get a second opinion from Dr. Lam. Call 214.345.4160 or click here to schedule an appointment.


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