Back in Her Beautiful Shoes

Sandra was in Nice, France, gazing and walking around the historic architecture, she started experiencing horrible cramping in her left leg. Cramping so painful she had to sit down often and no longer felt comfortable exploring the city alone.

When she returned home, she immediately made an appointment with her family doctor. At the time, she was living in Alabama, so her doctor recommended a vascular surgeon in her town.

Her local vascular doctor diagnosed her with Peripheral Artery Disease, but did not provide any treatment.

A year later, Sandra moved to Dallas and was in search of a new vascular surgeon. Her rheumatologist referred her to Dr. Lam.

“I was scared to visit another doctor, but everyone said Dr. Lam was the very best and you could trust your peace of mind and health with him.” – Sandra

After visiting with Dr. Lam, he confirmed that Sandra did have Peripheral Artery Disease but she also had 100% blockage in her left leg. Dr. Lam recommended angioplasty and stenting.

“Dr. Lam was very soothing and explained the procedure to me. I have the greatest respect and admiration for him. I have this great sense of security and safety with Dr. Lam and have 1000% confidence in his skills and ability.” – Sandra

An avid gardener, animal lover and rescuer of two Yorkshire terriers named Ashley and Nelson, Sandra was able to return to her normal activities the day after her surgery.

“My comfort level and quality of life is so much better. It’s not much fun to go around hurting. Not to mention I can wear really, really good-looking shoes AGAIN! The wrong shoes just ruin an outfit.” – Sandra

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