Mack’s Angels

Mack, a resident of Sulphur Springs, was working as an automotive technician and as an assistant minister when he had to undergo quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2010.

After his surgery, Mack started experiencing significant pain in his legs. Every time he worked out or climbed the stairs, he felt a jabbing sensation shoot through his legs.

During a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist, he noticed significant blockage in both legs. Mack’s cardiologist attempted three times to remove the plaque but was unsuccessful.

He was told by his cardiologist that the arteries that were affected were too small.

After the third procedure, Mack lost his large toe on his right leg due to a bone infection. After having the toe amputated, it was very important that blood be able to flow to his foot so that it could heal. His cardiologist knew that Mack needed to see a specialist so he recommended Dr. Russell Lam.

Dr. Lam diagnosed Mack with Peripheral Artery Disease and was able to successfully remove the plaque.

“Thanks to Dr. Lam I am still using both of my legs. I am still walking and I am still able to play with my grandchildren.” – Mack

Mack looks forward to coming to his appointments because of the treatments and the staff. “They are family,” said Mack. “I call some of the nurses my angels.”

After his heart surgery in 2010, Mack was forced to retire at the automotive shop but that didn’t stop him from answering his true calling: helping people. He became a full-time pastor at his local church and recommends Dr. Lam to anyone that may be experiencing what he went through.

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