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What Makes an Angio Suite Special?

Today, people are busier than ever – they are working longer and retiring later. Regardless of profession or lifestyle, we all want everything a little faster and a lot more convenient but without sacrificing quality. This is particularly true where healthcare is concerned.

Lam Vascular & Associates takes vascular care to the next level with a dedicated state-of-the-art Angio Suite located onsite at the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. From angioplasty and stenting to laser atherectomy and varicose vein treatments, many procedures that were previously performed in a hospital can now be performed safely in an outpatient setting.

Customized Care Designed with YOU in Mind

For patients battling challenging conditions like Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), a one-stop shop for their ongoing care is a true game changer. In the past, these patients were required to go to a hospital to receive the minimally invasive endovascular interventions required for their ongoing care. This means these patients would be seen by multiple caregivers in different areas of the hospital including coronary catheterization rooms, interventional radiology rooms, operating rooms and recovery rooms. Often, they would be required to stay overnight or, at the very least, for several hours.

Even if the procedures needed were performed on an outpatient basis, by the time patients completed the lengthy admission process, had their procedure performed, including the pre- and post-op care, they would typically spend up to 10 hours in the hospital!

A dedicated Angio Suite changes all that. Now, these same patients can come to the outpatient Angio Suite at Lam Vascular & Associates and be in and out usually within an hour, depending on the procedure or diagnostic test being performed.

Lam Vascular Leads the Way in Patient-Focused Vascular Care

At the Lam Vascular Angio Suite, patients can quickly and conveniently check in with the friendly front desk team instead of waiting in line for general admission to the hospital. They will be prepped for their procedure by the experienced nursing staff before seeing Dr. Russell Lam or Dr. Cassidy Duran.

It is just as safe, if not safer than having the procedure in the hospital, and instead of being cared for by a musical round of physicians in a disruptive, impersonal setting, the Lam Vascular doctors are on hand from start to finish, so patients are assured that they are in good hands.

Benefits Lam Vascular’s Angio Suite Can Offer:

  • A comfortable outpatient experience
  • Peace of mind access to Texas Health Resources facilities
  • Safety, versatility and cutting-edge technology
  • Reduced wait times and NO hospital stay (return home sooner, shorter recovery)
  • Located on the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

The same team that cares for patients preoperatively is the team to care for them postoperatively, giving a comforting continuity of care. Once patients are able to walk and have reviewed their medication and recovery timeline with a Lam Vascular nurse, they are released to go home.

Simple. Streamlined. Convenient. The care you will receive at the Angio Suite at Lam Vascular & Associates is unlike any other in the area and allows for a seamless vascular treatment experience.

To learn more about the treatments and procedures we offer, or to schedule an appointment, click here or call us at 214.345.4160.


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