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The Advantages of Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgeries in DFW

Here at Lam Vascular & Associates, we tend to tout our minimally invasive treatment options pretty often. But aside from being less invasive, what advantages do minimally invasive procedures offer? As technology improves, there are more and more benefits to the care surgeons can provide. Here are some of the great reasons why minimally invasive techniques have improved vascular surgery immensely.

Many Procedures Are Outpatient

So it may seem like a given, but the comfort level that an outpatient setting offers deserves some recognition. When you get a minimally invasive treatment, your procedure is performed in the same location as your office visits, just in a different room, so there is no hospital check-in process necessary.

But it’s not just about patient comfort: a hospital stay increases a patient’s likelihood of developing conditions such as pneumonia or a urinary tract infection. These complications combined with a more invasive procedure leads to a higher risk.

Of course, not every single vascular issue can be resolved in an outpatient context, but utilizing ever-advancing technology and precise diagnostics allows for more and more surgeries to take place in a safe, convenient and more comfortable environment. That means that Dr. Lam can treat even aggressive conditions such as Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI), an advanced form of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), in an environment that encourages calm and ease.

Lam Vascular & Associates takes comfort incredibly seriously and you can see that in our advanced Angio Suite. At our in-office Angio Suite, patients can get in and out with proper treatment in a shorter amount of time, seeing a doctor they’ve come to know and trust.

Improved Recovery by Smaller Incisions

Quality of life is our first priority in our efforts to improve surgical options. That’s precisely why we’re so passionate about minimally invasive treatments. Minimally invasive options don’t require a significant incision to create room for a surgeon to work. The benefit of this is twofold.

One, it creates a small incision and therefore a small scar. This means much less healing is needed and therefore much shorter recovery times. And when recoveries are shorter and faster, they tend to heal more effectively. This all culminates in the improved outcomes we’ve seen for our patients who’ve received minimally invasive surgery.

The other great thing about smaller incisions is that they have a much lower chance of developing an infection. While you may not have infections at the top of your mind when you arrive at the hospital, this is often one of the biggest downsides to both invasive surgery and a trip to the hospital. Surgical site infections are notoriously hard to treat, and so the advantage of a minimally invasive approach is significant.

Less Risk Than With More Invasive Surgery

As a result of these other advantages, there is much less risk associated with treatment. This means that doctors can feel significantly more confident in their treatments and act much earlier to intervene. Instead of treating surgery as a last resort option, doctors can more easily weigh surgery against other options and better plan for what is most likely to help the patient recover from his or her condition.

More Options Allow for More Customized Treatments

The last benefit isn’t necessarily specific to the minimally invasive treatment, but instead is just a benefit to the number of treatment options available to vascular surgeons like Dr. Lam. Surgical options are very important to the doctor’s ability to treat the patient’s conditions with the most effective treatment. One size rarely fits all, and additional options for treatment ensure that doctors can approach each case with the best option for the individual they need to treat.

What This Means for You

Treatment for PAD and other vascular issues is always improving in DFW. Russell Lam, MD, is a highly respected doctor within the vascular surgery community because he is on the front end of changes and improvements to technology for surgery. This responsiveness is one of many reasons you can trust Lam Vascular with your needs.

Schedule today and find out just how specialized treatment for your vascular issues can be. Lam Vascular & Associates has convenient locations in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas.

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