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Patient Story: Johnnie

“I had three major surgeries between April 4 and July 15 in 2014, all performed by Dr. Lam. He put stents in both my legs and performed a blood clot bypass.

I live in the extreme southeastern part of Oklahoma, about 18 miles from the Texas line. I am retired and 86 years old. However, when I walk into Dr. Lam’s office, I am not treated like an old lady. I am treated with respect and dignity, as if I am no different than the young patients who must see him.”

“After my family doctor referred me to a heart specialist, he referred me to Dr. Lam. I was suffering from excruciating pain in my legs and was unable to walk. The cardiologist recognized that I may have some vascular issues, and he sent me to Dr. Lam. I went into the hospital so that he could take care of the blood clot in my leg. They could not perform the surgery there, and at 2 AM, I was transported by ambulance to another hospital where Dr. Lam performed the surgery.

According to my doctor, if Dr. Lam couldn’t do the surgery, there was no one who could.

It is a long way to travel for someone my age to see Dr. Lam, but it is worth every mile. I sing his praises every chance I can get. I can walk now without pain and am able to do all the things I was unable to do before I met Dr. Lam. He has been a blessing to my family and me.

I recommend Dr. Lam to my family and friends all the time. His staff is very friendly. I feel as if I am a part of their family and they are a part of mine. I never have to tell them my name, they greet me as soon as I come in the door with “Hi, Mrs. Wallace,” always with a smile on their face and always as if they are very happy to see me. I was recently in the hospital and all of Dr. Lam’s office personnel were in my room, making sure I was okay and checking on me. There aren’t many doctors’ offices that will provide you with that kind of care.

Anyone who needs vascular surgery should visit Dr. Lam.

He knows what he is doing, and he and his staff are so pleasant, they make you forget you are even in a doctor’s office.”

If you’re experiencing leg pain, fatigue or slow-healing injuries, we may be able to help. Schedule an appointment today.

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