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New Era in Digital Imaging for Improved Integrated Vascular Care

New Technology to Better Serve Our Patients and Referring Physicians

Here at Lam Vascular & Associates, we are welcoming the new year with some exciting news!

Always on the leading edge of innovation, Dr. Russell Lam has incorporated the most advanced digital imaging (the GE OEC Elite CFD C-Arm with 4K screens) into our offerings. So, as of January 2022, The Limb Salvage Center at Lam Vascular & Associates has one of the most modern vascular endo suites in the country.

Improved Visibility in Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery

Why does having the latest and greatest technology when it comes to digital imaging matter? In a word: results!

See, the low profile of this new technology allows us to get closer to the surgical area for improved visibility during minimally invasive procedures. Couple that with the 4K monitors that offer the clearest, most crisp picture, and you have better planning, precision and accuracy. Which leads to better results.

“This brand new imaging system will better serve patients by allowing for greatly improved image quality,” said Dr. Lam. “Even more exciting is that images will now be housed on our Ambra server. So patients and referring physicians can view them at any time on mobile devices or computers through the app. This allows for better communication and collaboration.”

Customized Care Designed With You in Mind

The Lam Vascular & Associates Endo Suite is a dedicated space that allows patients to complete the entire process (pre-op, procedure and recovery) in our office instead of a hospital. Without a doubt, being able to receive their care all in one place is a game-changer for people dealing with challenging conditions like Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Benefits include:

  • A safe, state-of-the-art environment dedicated to comprehensive vascular care
  • A comfortable outpatient experience
  • Access to Texas Health Resources facilities if needed
  • Leading-edge technology in the hands of experienced experts
  • Reduced wait times and no hospital stay in most cases

Procedures Performed in the Lam Vascular Endo Suite

The advanced imaging, testing and treatment technologies allow the experts at Lam Vascular & Associates to perform minimally-invasive, image-guided procedures, including angioplasty & stenting and laser atherectomy.

Your Next Step Matters

By remaining at the forefront in vascular medicine, Lam Vascular is consistently recognized as a nationally accredited outpatient vascular center. The comfort and convenience of this type of facility combined with compassionate care make the patient experience at Lam Vascular & Associates unmatched in the Dallas area.

The Limb Salvage Center at Lam Vascular & Associates is designed to help you understand your options. Then, with guidance from Dr. Lam and his team of specialists, choose the right treatment plan for you. Click here to schedule your appointment today!

The information contained in this website is neither intended to dictate what constitutes reasonable, appropriate or best care for any given health issue, nor is it intended to be used as a substitute for the independent judgment of a physician for any given health issue. Patient results will vary based on risk factors, age, disease and medical history. Please seek physician's advice. Like any procedure, it may come with benefits, risks or side effects associated. Click here for additional information.

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