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Minimally Invasive Procedures: Simpler, Safer, More Successful

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a rather common circulatory condition that is characterized by narrower-than-normal arteries. This narrowing reduces blood flow to the limbs – typically the legs – and generally manifests itself as leg pain when active.

However, many with PAD exhibit no symptoms until the disease has already caused severe arterial blockage. Traditionally, the disease had to be treated with invasive surgery that required a hospital stay and a good amount of downtime. In extreme cases, amputation was the answer.

The good news is that today, amputations and invasive surgeries are less common for PAD treatment due the advent of endovascular procedures.

Endovascular literally means “inside blood vessels.” The procedures are minimally invasive, meaning that they require only a small incision or puncture to complete. Dr. Lam specializes in these types of procedures and has performed over 10,000 to date.

Two of the most common procedures are angioplasty and stenting where Dr. Lam inserts a tiny tube into the blocked artery. A portion of that tube is like a small balloon that inflates inside the artery to open up the restricted area.

To secure the opening, Dr. Lam places a cylindrical “support wall” called a stent inside the artery and removes the tube. The stent remains intact to ensure that the artery stays open for adequate blood flow, thus treating PAD. Watch an animation of angioplasty and stenting.

What are the potential benefits of minimally invasive endovascular procedures?

1. Go home the same day – They’re performed in-office on an outpatient basis which translates to no hospital stay.

2. Faster recovery with less pain – Since there are no major incisions or heavy anesthesia involved, the procedure is less painful and enables the body to heal quicker to get you back on your feet with very little downtime.

3. Better overall results – Endovascular procedures employ very precise technology, allowing Dr. Lam to be able to accurately target the issues and resolve them successfully.

4. Safer – Since endovascular procedures do not require the large incisions of “open” surgery, they make the process of removing PAD blockages safer by limiting the risk for infection and other complications.

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