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Limb Salvage/PAD Patient – Harvey, Age 68

Harvey was told by his doctor in Canada that he would have to undergo an amputation of his foot after various unsuccessful procedures to restore blood flow and heal his debilitating foot wounds. So he flew to Dallas and met with Dr. Lam. After a simple limb salvage procedure, Harvey was back on his feet and on a plane to return to Canada within a few days.


Below are two photos of Harvey’s affected foot with severe wounds that would not heal.


Pictured below is Harvey’s angiogram taken before his limb salvage surgery that shows very little blood flow in Harvey’s affected foot.



As shown in the photos below, following limb salvage surgery, Harvey’s skin on his foot has significantly healed.


As you can see in the angiogram image below, following the limb salvage procedure performed by Dr. Lam, Harvey’s blood flow to his foot was significantly improved.


Read Harvey’s full story.

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