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Healthbeat Interviews Dr. Duran About Vascular Disease

Our very own Dr. Cassidy Duran, a board-certified vascular surgeon, recently met with Rose Hayden from Hunt Regional Healthcare for their ongoing series titled “Healthbeat.” 

During the interview, Dr. Duran spoke about vascular disease awareness. An expert on the subject, Dr. Duran has the distinction of being the first graduate of the integrated vascular program at Houston Methodist Hospital, which included seven years of intense training focused exclusively on clinical training and research in vascular surgery.

Around 40% of the population experiences vein disease. Arterial disease is common among stroke and heart attack survivors and anyone with bad circulation. As Dr. Duran explained in the interview, both types of diseases can be treated at Lam Vascular & Associates.

“We have two sides of the blood vessels in our body,” Dr. Duran said. “Our arteries deliver blood out to the different parts of our body, and our veins bring the blood back to our heart. Anything that involves a disease process of either side of the system encompasses vascular disease.

Most often, patients are referred by their primary care doctor or a recommendation from hospital doctors after a stay. A referral may not be needed for some insurances, so people who feel as though they need to see a vascular surgeon can call and see about scheduling an appointment.

Dr. Duran also spoke about vascular disease as one of the areas of healthcare where everything is covered by insurance for almost every patient. 

“It’s such an important disease process to treat to keep people living as actively and healthfully as they can that there’s really no argument in terms of coverage by any insurance company. These things all get paid for,” Dr. Duran said.

Dr. Duran also talked about ways to lower your chances of developing vascular disease and much more! Click here to watch the full interview.

Lam Vascular & Associates is a respected leader in the latest and most innovative treatments for complex vascular disease. Because we invest in the most advanced technology available today, we can offer minimally invasive procedures to better treat conditions that historically lead to amputation. We are also able to perform many procedures that once required a long hospital stay in an outpatient environment.

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