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Dr. Lam Named 2015 Texas “Super Doctor”

In case you missed it, Dr. Russell Lam was selected among the best vascular surgeons in Texas for the Super Doctors list in 2015. This is a grand achievement as only the highest-scoring doctors make the list, which accounts for a small fraction (no more than 5%) of all Texas physicians across multiple specialties.

Dr. Lam has been a “Rising Star” each year since 2012 on the Super Doctors list and this year, he solidified his title.

“To be chosen for the Super Doctors list is a great honor and I’m proud to be a part of it,” claimed Dr. Lam. “I truly appreciate the recognition.”

How are Super Doctors selected?

Choosing the men and women to make up the Super Doctors list is no easy feat. The organization responsible for the selection process, MSP Communications, takes a meticulous approach to identifying physicians who are highly regarded among their peers and have reached a certain standard of professional achievement.

Survey of Doctors

First, they create an initial pool of qualified candidates based on colleague nomination. Physicians are asked the simple question: “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?”

There are various security measures in place to prevent manipulation of the voting. Furthermore, doctors are not allowed, in any circumstance, to nominate themselves.

Candidate Search

The Super Doctors research staff also adds candidates to the pool by scouring medical databases, print publications and online sources for physicians that have “Star Search Credentials,” meaning the doctor has attained certain honors and/or professional achievements. This process is designed to round out the selection process and include less visible or highly specialized medical specialties.


The Super Doctors research team considers the following 10 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement.

  • Years of experience
  • Hospital appointments
  • Fellowships
  • Professional activities
  • Leadership positions
  • Academic achievements/positions
  • Board certifications
  • Publications, lectures & presentations
  • Honors and awards
  • Other outstanding achievements


Blue Ribbon Panel Review

The physicians who have been nominated are then grouped by their specialties. The highest-scoring doctors in each area are then invited to serve on a “Blue Ribbon Panel” where they are asked to evaluate other nominees in their area of focus.

The Final Selection

All points are totaled from the steps above. Those with the highest marks are included on the Super Doctors list.


Before the list is made official, each candidate must verify all information. They must prove they’ve never been subject to disciplinary proceedings, and the research team will triple check that the physician is currently in good standing.


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