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Lam Vascular & Associates was founded by Dr. Russell Lam, renowned Dallas vascular surgeon, in 2009. Lam Vascular & Associates specializes in advanced, minimally invasive vascular surgery in our state-of-the-art Angio Suite (at our Dallas location).

Having performed close to 10,000 complex peripheral interventions, Dr. Lam is credited with preventing thousands of leg amputations. Many of these interventions have been the result of patients who sought a second opinion after being told their conditions are inoperable or not treatable with medical therapies.

Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, TX, offers a wide-range of vascular procedures and a convenient outpatient experience.

Dr. Russell Lam is board certified in vascular and endovascular procedures and specializes in limb salvage (amputation prevention) and minimally-invasive Dallas vascular surgery to treat:

Dr. Lam has been named as one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council of America, as well as being voted on the list of Texas “Super Doctors” in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Dallas vascular surgery.

He has also been voted on the list of best doctors in Dallas by his peers by D Magazine. In addition to serving as principal investigator of several clinical trials, Dr. Lam is also course director of many physician endovascular surgery training courses. He has written numerous articles and has given many presentations nationally on peripheral artery disease and complex peripheral interventions.

As a leader in minimally-invasive peripheral artery disease treatments, Dr. Lam founded Lam Vascular and Associates, which is a state-of-the-art, nationally accredited, outpatient vascular center dedicated to performing complex peripheral vascular interventions without requiring hospital admission or overnight stay.

For patients and their families, the convenience of an outpatient center that focuses on their individual and medical needs, combined with minimal paperwork and a knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate staff, is a truly unique experience in health care.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Lam has performed close to 10,000 complex peripheral interventions and has prevented thousands of foot and leg amputations.

Dr. Lam is a graduate of The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and he performed his surgical residencies at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Lam completed his vascular and endovascular fellowships at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and at Cornell University Medical Center.

Dr. Lam founded Lam Vascular & Associates in 2009 after leaving Csant in 2007 and has quickly emerged as a nationally recognized physician in complex peripheral artery and venous interventional procedures. He maintains a thriving practice, which includes a large referral network from colleagues around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.

Dr. Lam employs only highly qualified vascular surgery professionals to offer exceptional patient care. Scroll below to learn more about our nurse practitioners and registered vascular specialist.

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Cassidy Duran, MD | Vascular Surgeon

Cassidy Duran, MD, has joined Dr. Russell Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, a leading practice specializing in vascular and endovascular procedures as well as limb salvage (amputation prevention) and vascular surgery to treat:

Dr. Duran has the distinction of being the first graduate of the integrated vascular program at Houston Methodist Hospital, seven years of intense training focused exclusively on clinical training and research in vascular surgery.

“I love the field of vascular surgery for many reasons,” said Dr. Duran. “I have an intense interest in limb salvage. Vascular surgery is great because it has so many variables, there are different ways to approach any given case. I like having the freedom to consider each patient individually and determine the best course of treatment for them.”

“I grew up on a farm out in west Texas and was raised with values of honesty, integrity and diligence. My patients tell me that they appreciate that I am real with them and that they know I work hard for them. I am often the first face my patients see early in the morning and the last visitor of the day. People really appreciate that kind of dedication.”

Dr. Duran is thrilled to join Dr. Lam at Lam Vascular & Associates. “He has a vision about patient care that I very much agree with,” said Dr. Duran. “We see very much eye to eye. You have to be great at what you do and smart about how you do it.”

Dr. Duran is heavily published in the field of vascular surgery. She is excited about new innovations and the future of her specialty. “Advances in technology and imaging have come together allowing us to do this whole world of things we never could have done before. It is an honor to be a part of this dynamic and exciting field.”

Esther Mihindu, D.O. | Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Esther Mihindu joined Lam Vascular & Associates in Dallas, a leading practice specializing in vascular and endovascular procedures as well as limb salvage (amputation prevention) and vascular surgery to treat:

Before coming on board at Lam Vascular & Associates, Dr. Mihindu completed a rigorous fellowship in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the renowned Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans, winning the coveted S. Timothy String President’s Award from the 42nd Southern Association for Vascular Surgery in her final year.

“I love the longstanding relationships I am able to form with my patients and their families,” said Dr. Mihindu. “There is a greater good to medicine that has always appealed to me. I genuinely like taking care of people.”

Dr. Mihindu is excited to join the surgical team at Lam Vascular & Associates. “Dr. Lam and Dr. Duran are very passionate about limb salvage,” she said. “Our approach to patient care – considering each patient’s overall health – is very similar.”

She is similarly excited about the opportunity to practice with the only Metroplex group to have an amazing state-of-the-art Angio Suite dedicated to outpatient endovascular procedures. Located onsite at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, “the Angio Suite is amazingly efficient and very convenient for patients,” said Dr. Mihindu.

Dr. Mihindu has been published in the field of vascular surgery and enjoys presenting at regional, national and international meetings. “The field of vascular surgery is always developing,” she said. “It’s an exciting time to be a vascular surgeon.”




Courtney N. Wright, NP-C | Nurse Practitioner

Courtney began her journey in healthcare as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City. As she served across Neuro/Trauma care, medical and surgical ICUs, Courtney was able to serve patients with a variety of specific needs.

She went on to join the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas, where she not only worked with patients, but also instructed and trained new nurses in her unit.

As the Nurse Practitioner at Lam Vascular & Associates, Courtney provides Dallas vascular surgery and endovascular surgery care services in the outpatient setting, including assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, treating and educating patients. She works closely with Dr. Lam, Dallas vascular surgeon, and other clinicians as they take a team approach to patient care.

Courtney N. Wright, NP-C

Blessings F. Fanka, NP-C | Nurse Practitioner

Blessings’ preindication into the healthcare field commenced in 2005 as a Registered Nurse. Her transformative experiences in the medical field include: Medical and surgical Units, intensive care units, hospice, home health, collegiate preceptor and case manager for patients of diverse ethnicities, populations and social-economic backgrounds.

In March of 2015, she became part of Lam Vascular & Associates. Blessings collaborates closely with Dr. Lam and the team to provide compassionate care by medical methods of assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, treating and educating patients in a Dallas vascular surgery environment.

Kaylyn Wright, RVS

Kaylyn Wright, RVS | Registered Vascular Specialist

Kaylyn began her healthcare experience in 2004 as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She transitioned into vascular ultrasound in 2008.

After clinical training in multiple healthcare settings throughout the metroplex, Kaylyn obtained her vascular registry from Cardiovascular Credentialing International. Her specialty is evaluating peripheral artery disease through hemodynamic testing of the veins and arteries.

Kaylyn has been a member of the Lam Vascular team since May 2012. As the technical director for Lam Vascular labs ultrasound accreditation, she has documented a high level of accuracy between imaging and surgical findings.

Kaylyn Wright, RVS

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