Six Years of Saving: Jeff’s Story

William Jefferson “Jeff” Bryant has an infectiously positive outlook on life. In spite of many health challenges, the 71 year old Waxahachie resident is full time caregiver to his elderly father and in his spare time, he mows, not only his own yard, but the yards of two neighbors as well.

Jeff’s journey to becoming a patient at Lam Vascular and Associates is long and winding, but he is glad to have made it. “Dr. Lam is my number one doctor and everyone at his office takes such good care of me,” said Jeff, from the front porch of his home in Waxahachie. “He has gotten me out of some serious jams in the six years I have been seeing him.”

Jeff has had 15 procedures in the six years he has been a patient of Dr. Lam. A frostbite injury sustained in Korea in 1967, left him with damaged nerves in both his feet, specifically in his toes. When he had a quadruple bypass in 1997 at the age of 52, Jeff suffered an unexpected embolism. His faith and his fighting spirit pulled him through.

“The embolism traveled to the damaged areas in my feet, gangrene set in and ultimately it cost me my right foot and ankle as well as some of the toes on my left foot,” Jeff said.   

Over the years, Dr. Lam has replaced several stents in Jeff’s main arteries in his legs, saving him further amputation, time after time. “The goal is to keep those arteries open and keep as much blood flow as possible flowing through there,” said Jeff. “I almost lost my left leg up to my knee, more than once, but Dr. Lam saved it.”

There are countless ways Jeff and his family appreciate Dr. Lam’s investment in his ongoing care. “But what I appreciate most is his ‘never give up’ attitude,” said Jeff. “When I first came to him, he told me I would not have further amputations on his watch. He has saved me countless times. He and his staff are attentive and care about their patients personally.”

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